Between May 23, 1981, and October 8, 1982, four men in Chicago, Illinois — who were dubbed the “Ripper Crew” and the “Chicago Rippers” by the media — allegedly murdered 18 women, subjecting their victims to horrifying acts of depravity before and after death. Their crimes, which included kidnapping, mutilation, rape, murder, and cannibalism, were reportedly part of the rituals the Ripper Crew practiced as a satanic cult, driving them to torture and kill women to satisfy their own sick desires. Incredibly, one of the members of this group of serial killers could be released from prison in 2017, while the alleged ringleader of the Chicago Rippers is up for parole in 2022, making the case of the Ripper Crew particularly shocking.

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Two Members Of The Ripper Crew Were Brothers

The Ripper Crew was comprised of Robin Gecht, who was born on November 30, 1953, and Edward Spreitzer, who was born on January 5, 1961. The Chicago Rippers also included Thomas Kokoraleis — born July 10, 1960 — and his younger brother Andrew, who was born on July 18, 1963. According to the authorities, the four men committed their first murder on May 23, 1981, so the youngest member of the Ripper Crew — Andrew Kokoraleis — was just 17 years old when they killed 28-year-old Linda Sutton.

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The Chicago Rippers Drove Around In A Van Looking For Women To Kidnap

According to law enforcement, their first victim, Linda Sutton, was a sex worker the Chicago Rippers convinced to get into their vehicle, a reddish-orange van the men drove around the city in search of women to murder. Shortly after they picked up 28-year-old Sutton in Elhmurst, a suburb of Chicago, the Ripper Crew reportedly raped the young woman, stabbed her to death, and discarded her lifeless body in a field in Villa Park, Illinois, near the Rip Van Winkle Motel.

They Cut Off Their Victims’ Breasts

Sutton’s body was recovered 10 days after her corpse was dumped in the field, and two weeks later, the deceased mother of two was identified by her dental records and fingerprints. Officials examined the 28-year-old’s body, and they discovered Sutton’s left breast had been removed from her body. Investigators later learned the Chicago Rippers used a garrote — made from thin wire — to sever their victims’ breasts while the women were still alive.

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They Killed One Of Their Victims In A Cemetery

According officials, the Ripper Crew didn’t kill again until May 15, 1982, when they kidnapped Lorraine Borowski just as the 21-year-old was about to enter the real estate office in Elmhurst, Illinois, where she worked as a secretary. After forcing the young woman into their van, the Chicago Rippers took Borowski to the Clarendon Hills Cemetery in Darien, Illinois, where they beat and stabbed the 21-year-old to death. Approximately five months later on October 10, 1982, Borowski’s mutilated corpse was discovered in a shallow grave in the cemetery; like Linda Sutton, her left breast had been amputated from her body.

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They Engaged In Cannibalism

Two weeks after Lorraine Borowski was abducted and murdered, the Ripper Crew convinced 30-year-old Shui Mak to get into their van on May 29, 1982, and then they took her to a field in Barrington, Illinois, where they took turns raping the young woman before stabbing her to death with a kitchen knife. Mak’s body was found in a shallow grave four months later on September 30, 1982; both of her breasts had been removed. On June 13, 1982, the Chicago Rippers attacked Angel York, mutilating her breast before leaving her for dead. Incredibly, the young woman survived and provided police with a description of her attackers.

On August 28, 1982, the dead body of Sandra Delaware, 18, was discovered on the bank of the Chicago River; her wrists had been bound behind her back, and she had been strangled to death with her bra just hours earlier. Like the other victims of the Ripper Crew, Delaware’s left breast had been amputated. Three of the Chicago Rippers later said they’d eaten parts of the women’s severed breasts, offering a gruesome explanation for why they subjected their victims to horrific acts of mutilation.

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They Raped A Women With The Handle Of A Hatchet

Less than two weeks after they killed Sandra Delaware, the Ripper Crew kidnapped and murdered Rose Beck Davis from downtown Chicago shortly after she finished a phone call with her husband on the evening of September 7, 1982. The following day, Davis’s body was discovered in an alley off of North Lake Shore Drive: her face had been bludgeoned, there was a ligature around her neck, and her breasts had been mutilated.

When officials examined the young woman’s body, they found a piece of wood — which measured four inches long — inside of her vagina. Investigators later determined Davis had been raped with the handle of a hatchet which perforated her vagina and went into her abdominal cavity.

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They Became Murder Suspects When One Of Their Victims Survived

On October 6, 1982 — one month after the Ripper Crew murdered Rose Beck Davis — Beverley Washington, 20, was found naked next to railroad tracks in Chicago, badly injured and clinging to life. Like the other women who had been attacked by the Chicago Rippers, Washington’s left breast had been amputated. The 20-year-old underwent emergency surgery, which saved her life and enabled her to provide law enforcement with a description of the men who had raped her and tried to kill her, as well their vehicle.

Less than three weeks later on October 20, 1982, officers stopped a man driving a reddish-orange van because it matched the description provided by Washington. The driver, Edward Spreitzer, told law enforcement the van belonged to his boss, Robin Gecht. Washington picked Gecht out of a photo lineup, stating he was one of the men who had viciously attacked her.

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One Of The Killers Allegedly Molested His Younger Sister

Robin Gecht was charged with assaulting Washington, and while he was a suspect in the murders of several other women in the Chicago area, police didn’t have enough evidence to charge him with the killings. Consequently, Gecht was released from jail on October 26, 1982, after paying his bail.

The authorities continued to investigate Gecht, and they learned he had been accused of sexually assaulting his younger sister. They also found Gecht and three of his friends had stayed at the Rip Van Winkle Motel in Villa Park, Illinois, shortly before the body of the first victim attributed to the Ripper Crew — Linda Sutton — was discovered nearby.

One Member Of The Ripper Crew Used To Work For An Illinois Serial Killer

In a macabre coincidence, officials discovered Robin Gecht, an unemployed carpenter, had once worked as a subcontractor for John Wayne Gacy. More than two years before Gecht was charged with attacking Beverley Washington, Gacy — his former boss and one of Chicago’s most notorious serial killers — was convicted of 33 counts of murder. On March 13, 1980, the Illinois serial killer was given the death penalty for his crimes; Gacy was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994, at the age of 52.

The Killings Were Part Of A Satanic Ritual

After speaking with the staff at the Rip Van Winkle Motel, officers got the addresses of Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis because the brothers had asked the manager to forward their mail to their new home. Investigators brought Thomas in for questioning, and the 23-year-old admitted he, his brother Andrew, and their friends Robin Gecht and Edward Spreitzer were all members of satanic cult.

Thomas Kokoraleis claimed the cult brought women to a makeshift satanic chapel in Gecht’s bedroom where they tortured, raped, and murdered their victims as part of a sacrifice to Satan.

They Kept Some Of Their Victims’ Remains In A Box

Thomas Kokoraleis told the authorities he and the members of the cult had consumed flesh from their victims’ severed breasts as part of a satanic communion ritual. Then, Gecht allegedly masturbated on the breasts before placing them in a box he kept in the satanic chapel. According to Thomas Kokoraleis, at one point, he saw fifteen severed breasts in the box, indicating several women had been mutilated and presumably killed. While investigators found the satanic chapel in Gecht’s bedroom, they never found the box that had allegedly contained multiple amputated breasts.

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They Were Suspected Of Killing The Wife Of A Professional Baseball Player

The members of the Ripper Crew were also suspects in the disappearance of Carol Pappas, the 42-year-old wife of Milt Pappas, a former pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Carol Pappas went missing on September 11, 1982, while shopping at a department store in Wheaton, Illinois.

For years, many people believed the Chicago Rippers had abducted and murdered the woman until August 8, 1987, when her body was found inside of her car in a pond near her home in Wheaton. Officials determined she had not met with foul play, instead ruling Pappas’s death a tragic car accident.

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The Alleged Ringleader Was Never Convicted Of Murder

While they weren’t responsible for killing Carol Pappas, the members of the Ripper Crew were linked to the murders of several other women in the Chicago area. Thomas Kokoraleis, Andrew Kokoraleis, and Edward Spreitzer confessed to multiple counts of murder, while Robin Gecht denied killing a single victim. Consequently, even though Spreitzer and the Kokoraleis brothers all agreed Gecht was the ringleader of their group, he was was only member of the Ripper Crew who wasn’t convicted of murder.

However, Gecht was found guilty of rape and attempted murder for the horrific attack on Beverley Washington, and he was sentenced to 120 years in prison for his crimes. Gecht is currently serving his time in the Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois, but the suspected serial killer will be eligible for parole in 2022.

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One Of The Chicago Rippers Was Executed

Both Andrew Kokoraleis and Edward Spreitzer were found guilty of murder and sentenced to death for their crimes. On March 7, 1999, Andrew Kokoraleis was executed by lethal injection more than a decade after he was given the death penalty for murdering Lorraine Borowski. Andrew Kokoraleis was the last man to be executed in Illinois, and he “appeared to be speaking quietly to himself before he died” at the age of 35.

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One Of The Chicago Rippers Is Scheduled To Be Released In 2017

While Andrew Kokoraleis was executed for his role in the kidnappings, rapes, and murders committed by the Chicago Rippers, his brother Thomas was sentenced to life in prison. However, the confessed killer’s life sentence was commuted to 70 years in prison, and Thomas Kokoraleis is currently scheduled for release in September 2017.

Like Andrew Kokoraleis, Edward Spreitzer was given the death penalty for his crimes, but in 2003, the Illinois governor commuted his sentence to life in prison.


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