How did serial killer Dale Hausner die?

He hanged himself in his cell with a tube sock.
He was executed by lethal injection.
He killed himself by taking an overdose of anti-depressants.
He was killed during a shootout with police.

Dale Hausner was found dead in his cell at the Eyman State Prison on June 19, 2013. An autopsy determined Hausner had ended his life by taking an overdose of anti-depressants; he was 40 years old.

What nickname did the press give to Mark Goudeau?

The Serial Shooter
The Baseline Killer
The Phoenix Phantom
The Folsom Wolf

Mark Goudeau was dubbed the "Baseline Killer" by the media because he killed his earlier victims near Baseline Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who was James Marlow's accomplice?

His roomate
His brother
His former cellmate
His wife

James Marlow committed his crimes with his wife, Cynthia Coffman.

Who helped Randy Greenawalt escape from prison?

His wife
A fellow inmate's sons
His mother
His uncle

Randy Greenawalt and a fellow inmate -- Gary Tison -- escaped from Arizona State Prison on July 30, 1978, with the aid of Tison's three sons.

How were Corey Deon Morris's crimes uncovered?

His friend called in a tip because he was boasting about the murders.
He left documents with his name on them in a bag with one of his victim's checkbooks.
His parole officer recognized him from a composite sketch made by a surviving victim.
His uncle found a decomposing body in his home when he went to investigate a foul odor.

Corey Deon Morris's crimes were uncovered on April 12, 2003, when Morris's uncle -- investigating a foul odor -- went inside the motor home -- which was on his property -- and found the badly decomposed body of Julie Castillo hidden underneath a blanket.

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