What nickname did the media give to Ronald Dominique?

The Storyville Slayer
The Baton Rouge Serial Killer
The New Orleans Strangler
The Bayou Serial Killer

Ronald Dominique was dubbed the "Bayou Serial Killer" by the media because he dumped his victims' corpses in remote areas, including bayous, ditches, and sugarcane fields in southeast Louisiana.

What led to Derrick Todd Lee's arrest?

Law enforcement found his tire tracks near the body of one of his victims.
One of his surviving victims helped investigators create a composite sketch of him.
He was seen with two of his victims shortly before they were murdered.
Officials matched his DNA with biological evidence taken from chewing tobacco recovered near the corpse of one of his victims.

Derrick Todd Lee became a suspect in the murders when one of his surviving victims, Diane Alexander, contacted police about her horrifying experience with this Louisiana serial killer and helped officials create a composite sketch of the man who had tried to strangle her to death.

Which Louisiana murderer was dubbed the "Other Baton Rouge Serial Killer" by the press?

Sean Vincent Gillis
Jeffery Lee Guillory
Derrick Todd Lee
Robert Carl Hohenberger

Sean Vincent was dubbed the "Other Baton Rouge Serial Killer" by the press. Derrick Todd Lee was known as the "Baton Rouge Serial Killer."

How did suspected serial killer Robert Carl Hohenberger die?

He was executed by lethal injection.
He shot himself in the head with a revolver.
He passed away from heart disease.
He was executed via the electric chair.

When investigators went to Tacoma, Washington, to arrest him, Robert Carl Hohenberger shot himself in the head with a .22 revolver, ending his life on May 31, 1978, at the age of 35.

Which group of victims did Danny Rolling prey upon?

Teenage girls
Italian grocers
Elderly women
College students

Danny Rolling was convicted of killing five college students in Gainesville, Florida.

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